This small and simple PHP based address book stores its data in a MySQL Database. The complete source will be available soon. If you are interested in, send a mail to
The addressbook is not finished yet, but I can tell you its advantages.


  • Highly configurable look-and-feel through CSS and include files.
  • Simple configuration of an additional company logo.
  • Every addressbook entry can contain an icon representing the user.
  • Every entry gets a timestamp, so you know how old an entry is.
  • You can choose the search criteria, e.g. realname, department, company etc.
  • You can specify an order criteria now.
  • You can now delete entries.
  • NO JavaScript used! :)


  • The 'Realname' field contains surname and christian name (to be fixed).
  • There is no check, whether an INSERT or UPDATE of the database was successful (BAD idea, to be fixed).

Older Screenshots can be found here.
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